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Welcome to ART!


Accounts Receivable Turnaround, Inc. (ART) provides accounts receivable management collection solutions to clients drawing together personnel, technology, facilities, and expertise to serve clients in all business sectors. Through our efficient use of technology and intensive management of human resources ART has established itself as a leading service provider in the accounts receivable management industry addressing client needs based on their respective industry, geography and complexity of collection accounts.


We offer our clients:


  • National Coverage: We coordinate recovery efforts in any U.S. jurisdiction or territory.

  • 2 Day Remittance: Your remittance check will be post marked within 2 business days after the funds have cleared.

  • Single point of contact: You deal with a dedicated representative who follows through with your customized needs.

  • Status updates: You’ll receive progress reports on whatever schedule you require.

  • Easy, No Hassle Placement: Placing an account is easy, quick and efficient. Simply fax our Placement form to (360) 616-8934 or go use our Internet based placement form by clicking here.


Accounts Receivable Turnaround, Inc. delivers results through a proven, investigative approach to recovering receivables from how we assign accounts to our highly trained and experienced collectors, to the frequency of letters and phone calls, to what skip tracing tools we apply and when to recommend litigation.


CALL us today!!     Let us put our expertise to work for you today. Tell us your requirements, and we'll do the rest.  (888) 383-2759








"I was extremely impressed and totally satisfied with the services provided by ART. My company was due a receivable exceeding $2,100 that was over 2 ½ years old (2001). The company that owed the debt had gone out of business, moved to another state, and was conducting related business under a different name. A five-month effort to establish contact with the elusive owner proved unsuccessful despite having a valid address. The account was turned over to ART on June 1, 2004. A small amount of additional paperwork was forwarded on 8 June 2004. The next day I received a counter for 75% of the receivable, which I accepted."

      M. Clark, Houston, TX




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